95th Anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne at the Château d‘Ouchy

2018, HD film, 10 minutes

The film shows a performance in a room

 that was witness to a historical moment.

 It served as the conference room for the

 negotiations that led to the Treaty of

 Lausanne in 1923, in which Kurdistan

 was partitioned into four parts. 

Today the room is a suite in a 4-star hotel in Lausanne. The artist enters the space blindfolded (without having previously seen it) and attempts to oriented herself. 

Since the performer is deprived of her sight, the spectator’s vision is intensified, creating an opportunity for multiple spaces and levels of reality to be present at the same time.

95th Anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne at the Château d‘Ouchy, Film Stills

Director of photography: Bernadette Paassen

Sound: Christina Ruloff

Sound Design: Manuela Shininá

Color Correction (Waveline): Matthias Behrens - Hanna Bergfors

Photos: Bernadette Paassen


2017, HD film, 13 minutes    


The film Barikat shows a performance of the artist building a barricade. The basis for the work are the bomb attacks and imposition of curfews in residential areas in many Kurdish cities over the last few  years.

Kurds have begun erecting barricades in order to protect themselves from the attacks. At the end of the performance the artist writes the sentence “My daughter, I hope you don’t get out of this bunker alive” in Kurdish on a banner.   

The sentence refers to an incident that  took place in the city of Cizre in  2016. Despite curfews a young woman attempted to help 60 wounded persons who had taken refuge in a bunker. Her mother was afraid that the Turkish army would torture her if she was caught. 

She told the press that she would rather  that her daughter die in the bunker than be captured by the Turkish army. 

Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2017

Director of photography : Rita Pereyra

Sound Design: Manuela Shininá

Photos: Laura Ferrara and Courtesy the artist © Mîrkan Deniz


2015, HD film, 13 minutes


“Blindfolded” describes the memories of a Kurdish woman from Turkey who was arrested and tortured along with her sisters after the military coup in 1980, when she was twelve years old. She  represents a whole generation who grew up in a highly politicized environment and who have experienced the violent actions of the state.

The protagonist is  filmed from behind, her hands clasped  behind her back. This pose refers to the  Palestinian cartoon character Handala by  Naji Salim al-Ali.





Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2017 

Director of photography + Sound: Mîrkan Deniz

Photos: Courtesy the artist © Mîrkan Deniz