Untitled (300 observation)

2021, 300 Drawings, Glas, Paper, each 30 x 30 cm

For military tactical reasons, there are usually no photographs of the border guard posts along Turkey‘s borders with Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia. Accordingly, our common perception of these territorial boundary lines and their surrounding militarised zone, which runs directly through Kurdish settlement territory, is inaccurate.

With the extensive series of drawings entitled Untitled (300 observation), I thematise this uneven distribution of pictorial knowledge, which still serves colonialist power relations today. I locate the posts on Google Maps because of their characteristic architecture, and I adopt this reduced form of representation for the 300 hand drawings.

With the abstract representations, which consist only of black lines and differently coloured areas, I take up current themes such as surveillance and national border demarcation. In addition, the works on paper, on which a puristically pictorial typology of demarcation unfolds, refer to the subversive use of new imaging processes and their traditionally activist misappropriations in the visual arts.

Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, 2021

Photos: Courtesy the artist © Mrkan Deniz


2014, series of 15 drawings on paper, each 40 x 35 cm


The drawings from the series "Coordinates" take the form of simplified world maps. Although the first glance doesn't tell us much about which places are in focus, the exact coordinates make it clear that the crosshairs mark very specific points. When the coordinates are entered into the Internet, they point to places with a very special significance, such as the Uludere massacre.

Shedhalle, Zurich, 2015

Photos: Courtesy the artist © Mrkan Deniz